Printing Service

Limited Edition Prints

One decision artists make when deciding to make their work available as prints is how many they should allow to be made. 

Regularly artist's choose to keep ownership of their work relatively exclusive by putting a limit on how many of each image are available.


They do this as if a piece of work is scarce it will be more sought after, particularly by art collectors. 


To do this, work will be described as a limited edition and specify the total number of prints of that piece of art that exists.


When the edition has been sold no more will be made. Prior to modern printing the printing plates would have been broken at this point.


Limited Edition prints are normally next to indistinguishable from the original, although size may alter, hence they are highly sought after. Particularly if it is a small edition. 


Each one will be signed by the artist and numbered within the edition. For instance a painting saying 3/50 is the 3rd print sold out of a total number of 50 in the edition.


In CreARTives Gallery we sell a wide range of Limited Edition Prints, these are described as Giclee prints and are produced to a high standard. Our Edition numbers cover the total number of prints being produced, irrespective of size.


Images may be used in other products other than prints, for instance within books, special editions or greetings cards and other giftware.