CreARTive Kids

Term Time Learning for Children Aged 4-16

Mon 4 - 5.30 : Tues 5 - 6.30

Weds 4 - 5.30 : Thurs 4.30 - 6

Sat 11.30 - 1 : Sat 2 - 3.30

Keystage 1


Our youngest CreARTives benefit from lots of hands on practical work. Our curriculum leans towards introducing new types of concepts and mediums through a hands on application of the subject.

Our teachers will ensure that they get plenty of attention and support whilst learning key aspects of art and developing lots of exciting pieces of work to bring home and thrill your friends and relatives.

Mon 4 - 5.30 : Tues 5 - 6.30

Weds 4 - 5.30 : Thurs 4.30 - 6

Sat 11 - 1.30 : Sat 2 - 3.30

Keystage 2


As our CreARTives progress we begin to introduce more artistic theory into their work, not only will they be able to try their hand but they will begin to learn more about the skills they are using and the ways in which these have developed as part of their growing artistic skill set.

Weds 6 - 7.30

Thurs 6.30 - 8

Keystage 3 /4


As our students mature into secondary school our goal is to nurture their skills and knowledge, giving them the basis for success in many different forms of art.

By this stage they will be being supported to work freely in multiple mediums and taught specifics about the application, theory and history of art.


Our ultimate goal is for students to develop to a standard where their talents can attract an admiring audience and we will support them to go as far as their talent enables.