A calm and relaxing space where you can stop by, chat, soak up the surrounding artwork and meet our artists.


We sell tea, coffee and many other indulgent items to make this the place to stop by with or meet friends.


Meet Our Artists

We work closely with a range of experienced and emerging artists. Often you will find them in the Gallery showcasing their work and offering their advice on how to develop your artistic skills

Treat Yourself

We do not believe that artistry stops with a paintbrush. We are developing partnerships with local artists who specialise in flavour, aroma and other sensory palettes. Drop by to sample the best quality coffees, teas and other things we can find.

Living Room with Gallery Wall

Develop Your Own Gallery

Learn More

At CreARTives we are here to help you with all your artistic needs. Whilst we work with many established collectors we also know that many are just starting on their art collecting journey.

We are keen to help people develop their homes and collections to truly represent their personality, style and interests. 


So if you have a hole on your wall you need to fill, need a gift for someone special or you just want to chat with an expert then pop in or browse through our online guides to common questions.

We are here to support you and can work with you as how to develop the home space you envisage. Our artists accept commissions and will work closely with you to ensure that your needs are met.

If you would like to know more about this, commission and artists or begin reading some of our handy guides then you can do this all from here, just follow the links.