Izzy Currie


Izzy  has worked with CreARTive Kids for the last three years and has formed a special bond with many of our artists in training. Izzy is now in her third year at Leeds Art University and has built a growing catalogue of work and shows nationally and internationally. Izzy says that through her art she seeks to materialise a different state of reality, using installation, film and performance to develop the world that she sees.

Izzy is passionate about opening up the arts to everyone, as someone who has suffered through the underfunding in art education she recognises the importance that alternative provision of art development for children brings and is proud to be able to utilise her skills as an artist and teacher to nurture the talents of children.

Izzy provides leadership on the development of the curriculum for CreARTive Kids and focuses particularly on ensuring that our teaching is widely accessible having had experience of where mainstream schooling can fail some children having grown up with dyslexia and dyspraxia. She now works to ensure that all children can access learning often using unconventional approaches to stimulate children who would find more traditional teaching challenging to engage with.